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Trailer interchange coverage
shields your trailers while they are being used by another motor carrier. Know how this coverage can benefit you.

Trailer interchange coverage

What's Covered?

Physical Damage

Trailer interchange coverage pays for loss or damage to the trailer in case of theft, collision, or other covered events.

Repair or Replacement

It covers the cost of repairing or replacing the trailer up to the policy limits if damaged or lost.

Other's Carrier Liability

The coverage will protect you against damage or loss that occurs while another carrier has possession of the trailer.

Not Covered

Cargo Loss

Trailer interchange coverage doesn't insure anything inside the trailer. To protect the cargo, you'll need separate cargo insurance.

Unauthorized Use


If your trailer is used by someone who is not an authorized driver and an accident occurs, trailer interchange insurance won't apply.

Illegal Activities


The policy will not cover you if the loss or damage arises from any illegal activities or intentional acts.

The Benefits of Trailer Interchange

By having trailer interchange coverage, motor carriers benefit in several ways. Here are some:

  1. It provides protection to your assets in case of damage or loss of exchanged trailers.

  2. You won't be held liable for the damages of other carriers when they have possession of your trailer.

  3. It saves you money from having to purchase additional physical damage or liability coverage.

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