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Certificate of Deposits (CD’s) provide a decent rate of return on your investment but you usually have to invest a massive amount of your income or savings into a 10 year CD in order to get at least a 5 percent return.  CDs are lower in risk but they aren't risk-free. CDs may have low or no fees compared to other investment products and sometimes are recommended if you are in a lower tax bracket. If you can wait to access your savings for that long, Vianca’s Insurance can show you different options so you can compare the pro's and con's of each. We have helped our clients obtained the right coverage while helping our clients reach their retirement plans. 

Certificate of Deposit


401 (K)

401(K) is the most common retirement plan that is offered by companies or larger corporations. If you have the ability to obtain one, we highly recommended taking advantage of it especially if your employer matches your investment. 


If you are self-employed, you can still obtain a 401(K) as a solo participant. While there are three types (solo 401k, SIMPLE IRA and SEP IRA) of sole proprietor plans, Sole proprietors typically establish a solo 401k plan over the others because it is one stop shop.  


Partnerships can also establish 401 However, partnership plans can be a bit confusing because partners are considered to be employees of the firm for some purposes, but they are considered to be self-employed individuals for others.


Investing your money into a regular savings account will bring you little to no return on your investment. If you invested that money into an annuity, however, it will generate a higher return on your investment than a regular savings account. Long term investments help you protect you from outliving your savings when you are no longer generating income. At Vianca’s Insurance, we help our clients obtain the right plan and guide them towards their retirement goals.

Life Insurance

Most people are unaware, but life insurance can be a great vehicle to help you save for retirement. A permanent life insurance policy has the ability to accumulate cash value over the years. After a premium payment is made, the cost of the life insurance is taken our then any remaining amount will go into an investment account where it will accumulate over several years. Life Insurance is a great way to accumulate for retirement, due to its flexibility to withdraw tax-free money without the restrictions of 59 1/2 age required by all retirement plans..

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