The Best Car Insurance Deals

Your Insurer:

Don’t just consider one insurer when shopping for auto insurance. Always take the time to see other policies being offered by a different insurer.

You don’t have to consumer time searching for carriers online. Here at Vianca’s Insurance, we have a list of insurances that you can choose from. We work together as we customize an auto insurance policy that would suit your needs. Get a free quote from us through a text or by phone

(619) 799-9443.

Special Discounts:

Chances are, you are eligible for special discounts on your insurance. So don’t hesitate to ask your agents about it. Comping discounts may include the following:

  • Bundling of policies

  • Getting insurance for two or more cars

  • Safe driver

  • Being Married

  • Owning a home

  • College graduate

  • Military veteran

Assessing Your Financial Situation:

Everyone is unique and we all need insurance for our cars. If you fall under the low-income bracket and you have an older car hat isn’t financed, getting a higher deductibles and a lower monthly premium would be a wise choice. But if you make a lot of money and you have a newer financed or leased car, you may benefit from a lower deductible, higher policy limits, and higher premium.


The type of ownership (financed, leased, or outright ownership) you have on your vehicle may affect your rates. Leased and financed vehicles often have full coverage, thereby costing more. But if you own your car outright, you will benefit better from having higher deductibles.

Getting Gap Coverage:

For those who are looking for car insurance, for their financed or leased car, consider getting gap coverage. If your car got totaled in an accident, the insurer typically pays only for the “market price” of you vehicle and not for the purchase price. Usually, this is lesser than the amount owed on the car. Gap coverage covers the different in value.

Calculating Auto Insurance Rates:

Insurance companies use a complex formula in calculating premiums.They usually asses your risks when underwriting you policy using a risk rating system. This system helps the insurer assess risk so they can determine your premiums. The most influential factor of your rate is the frequency of claims. The more claims you make, the higher your premium are. Other factors include:

  • - Driving record

  • - Accidents and violations

  • - Driving habits

  • - Your Home Address

  • - Age

  • - Gender

  • - Civil Status

  • - Your Previous Coverage

To obtain a free quote feel free to send us Text or give one of our agents a call. We will obtain you a free quote in minutes.

(619) 799 -9443

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