How To Maintain Your Car In Top Shape:

One of the best things about today’s cars is that they don't need to be served frequently in order to run well. There was a time when car owner had to accept that their cars would rust as it gets older or that they need to change the breaker points, condenser and spark plugs every season. Its different these days, but owners still need to maintain their vehicles if they want them to run smoothly. Here are five tips to maintain your car properly.

Wash the Car Regularly:

Drivers should try to wash their cars on a regular basis , like once a week. The car’s body, undercarriage and fenders should be hosed thoroughly to remove road salt and dirt. Drivers should also notice of the water beads. If they’re larger than a quarter, then it’s time to do some waxing. Don’t forget to clean the car’s interiors too.

Check the Engine Oil:

The Engine oil should also be checked regularly. Once a month is safe, but you’ll probably have to do it more often if there's a leak or if you notice that you have to keep adding oil. Make sure your car is parked on level ground when testing to ensure the dipstick reading is accurate. Never overfill the oil.

Test the Air Pressure on the Tires:

Car owners should check the air pressure on their tires once a month, or before going on any road trips. Use a precise tire-pressure gauge to test the inflation pressure of every tire, including the spare. Conduct this test before using the vehicle. Use the inflation pressure approved by the car manufacture as a guide. You should also pay attention to any cuts, abnormal wear, or sidewall bulges on the tire.

Replace Brake Pads Every 25,000 miles to 70,000 :

According to Yourmechanic, most of the cars break pads should be replace after 50,000 miles depending on the driving habits, environment, brake pad hardness, and materials.

Invest in a Good Car Insurance:

You might be a good driver, but other people might not be. All it takes is just one accident to get your car out of commission. Engage the services of a top car insurance company and get a plan that coves accidents and repairs. It might be a but expensive, but its worth a peace of mind you’ll be getting.

Your car is an important part of your life. Proper maintenance will go long way in ensuring that you investment is protected and that you’ll be able to use it for a long time. Keep you car protected from situations out of your reach. At Vianca’s Insurance & Financial Services, we do our best in making sure that our clients are well- protected with affordable and comprehensive policies. To learn more about how we can help you, please text us or call us at (619) 799 -9443.

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