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One of the main life insurance benefits is security. If family members depend on your financial support, it is crucial you obtain affordable life insurance.

 The sooner you buy, the lower the premium will be since life insurance premiums increase gradually as you age. Most consumers believe that employer’s coverage is sufficient but it is unlikely that a years’ worth of your salary will cover the mortgage for the years ahead or help your loved ones maintain the financial being they're accustom too. Life insurance could cost you less than an average monthly coffee expense. While coffee may provide you with temporary enjoyment, life insurance on the other hand can provide your loved ones with a boost of income for a lifetime. 


Finding the right mortgage protection companies can be difficultIf you die prematurely, will your family's home debt be covered for the years ahead? 



We help protect your mortgage with life insurance. If structured properly it can fully pay off the debt on your mortgage should you die prematurely. Not only can Life insurance helps pay off the balance on your mortgage, it can leave an extra cushion to help cover other financial expenses. Compared to mortgage protection, life insurance is a non-decreasing term that locks in the face value for the term of the policy. This means if you start with a face amount of $500,000, even if you pay down your mortgage and only owe half you will still have a face amount of $500,000 until the end of the term. 

A buy-sell agreement that is funded with life insurance helps finance a sell agreement between co-owners if one or the other should pass away or suffer a critical illness that prevents them from being able to work.


Each co-owner purchases a life insurance policy usually in the amount equal to the percentage of each owner’s ownership, then place each other as primary beneficiary on their life insurance policy. Thus, if you pass away, your business partner will receive the life insurance benefit and with that money, buy out your heirs

There are several ways to start retirement savings. Many people do not know that a permanent life insurance policy has the ability to accumulate cash value and is the only vehicle that can be used to access tax free money.


After the premium payment is applied to the cost of life insurance and the company’s operating costs, the remaining amount gets placed in a conservative-yield investment account with the intent of helping this excess money grow referred to as cash value. We recommend life insurance as one form of retirement because of its flexibility in accessing the cash value if needed.

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