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Home Insurance

Home Structure

Home insurance protects your home against fire, wind, hail, tornados, snow and more. This guarantees full protection of your home. While also insuring, that in an event of a home repair, some insurances will cover hotel and meal expenses while the home in under-construction.


Obtaining a home insurance policy could protect you from any lawsuits occurred from an injury or damage on your home. The insurance company could cover the cost of defending a lawsuit while still covering any necessary medical expenses. While property damage is optional, it will cover any damages occur outside or inside your home protecting you from any future lawsuits.

Personal Belongings

Some mortgage protection policies also protect your personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, electronics, appliance, power equipment and any fine jewelry. This will protect any personal belongings inside your home in case of a break in or fire that a common home insurance wouldn't cover. 

Mortgage Protection

In the event of death of an insured, mortgage protection provides a financial safety net over your home.

We DO NOT recommend this type of policies. Learn more below.

Mortgage Protection - Life Insurance

Life insurance is non-depreciated, and will hold its value for the term obtained. The total value of the policy in the event of your death, will cover the reaming liability and could still have a resting balanced that could help your spouse retired.

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